Tuesday, October 17, 2023 at 10:15

Harnessing Social Media for Good

Done with the Doomscroll

We all use it; in fact, we often spend hours a day “scrolling.” We see disturbing and untrue posts regularly. We know how they make us feel. Social media has a powerful impact on all our lives. How do we harness that power? Hear from some of the top influencers (IRL) – some of whom you may already know and follow – to learn how you can be the power! 

  • Hannah Alper
    Activist, Student, Journalist, Author and Changemaker, Western University
  • Hen Mazzig
    Israeli Writer, Speaker, and Activist
  • Arsen Ostrovsky
    CEO, The International Legal Forum
  • Emily Schrader
    Digital Strategist and Senior Correspondent, Ynet News