It’s time to push back against the world’s oldest form of hate.

CIJA’s Policy Proposals for Government Action 

The following policies pertain to recent government discussions with the federation-affiliated Jewish community about the current rise in antisemitism and the danger it poses to all Canadians.

What is antisemitism?

Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews.

Antisemitism frequently charges Jews with conspiring to harm humanity, and it is often used to blame Jews for “why things go wrong.” It is expressed in speech, writing, visual forms and action, and employs sinister stereotypes and negative character traits.

What’s the connection between antisemitism and Israel?

Denying Jewish peoplehood or the right of the Jewish people to self-determination, by seeking to dismantle the state of Israel or by disenfranchising its inhabitants, is a form of antisemitism. 

But criticism or condemnation of the Government of Israel or its actions is not automatically hateful towards Jews. Israel is a country like any other, and its leaders and policies are frequently criticized by Jewish and non-Jewish Israelis as well as others worldwide – and that’s OK! Likewise, there is nothing inherently antisemitic in solidarity with the Palestinians or their legitimate aspirations for a state of their own. 

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Antisémitisme: un racisme acceptable?

L’antisémitisme serait-il devenu la seule forme de racisme acceptable dans notre société ?

Quand on regarde ce qui arrive chez nous depuis le début du conflit qui a récemment enflammé le Proche-Orient, la question se pose.

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Toronto neighbourhood home to Jewish businesses targeted with negative reviews

At least 24 local businesses in a traditionally Jewish part of town have been the targets of mass one-star reviews on Google.

The businesses, most of them restaurants, are primarily on or around Bathurst between Lawrence and the 401. At least 16 of them are Jewish-owned or kosher businesses.

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Anger toward Jewish people is misplaced and hateful – and we must all push back

Shimon Koffler Fogel is the CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, the advocacy agent of Jewish Federations across Canada.

If you’re not yet concerned by rising antisemitism in Canada, you should be. And every Canadian has a stake in fighting the spike in anti-Jewish hatred. Over and over again, history has taught us that once antisemitism takes hold, the foundations of a society can crumble – an outcome that is bad for everyone.

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Toronto Jewish groups see increase in hate crimes

Three organizations say their communities are on edge as antisemitic acts are on the rise

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Canada hit with wave of antisemitic attacks sparked by Israel-Gaza conflict

Canadian Jews are reeling from an onslaught of public antisemitic rhetoric and violence triggered by the recent military conflict between Israel and Gaza.

Montreal and Toronto were especially hard hit, but incidents occurred elsewhere prior to the cease-fire reached last week. Tensions flared between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli demonstrators, and in some instances Jews were spat upon and cursed, physically and verbally assaulted. They were also vilified on social media.

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Activist Claims ‘Behind the Scenes’ Donations From Canadian Jewish Groups to Newspapers Distort Israel Coverage

A Palestinian writer claimed without evidence that private donations to Canadian news organizations from the country’s leading Jewish groups are distorting coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in an interview Thursday.

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Anti-Zionism Isn’t Anti-Semitism? Someone Didn’t Get the Memo.

In recent years it has become an article of faith on the progressive left that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism and that it’s slander to assume that someone who hates Israel also hates Jews.

Not everyone got the memo.

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One-sided media coverage is helping fuel antisemitism in Canada

This past weekend was a weekend unlike any other as Jews across Canada experienced a deeply disturbing display of violence, antisemitism and hate. Such was the degree of hostility; it calls into question the safety of Canada’s Jewish community. Lamentably, one-sided, biased media coverage of events in the Middle East is helping fuel this toxic situation.

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Québec solidaire conteste avoir commis une faute

Vendredi, le ministre québécois responsable de la Lutte contre le racisme, Benoit Charette, a présenté une résolution parlementaire déplorant «que plus de 75 ans après la fin de la Shoah, l’antisémitisme demeure présent dans le monde». Or, Québec solidaire s’est opposé à son adoption.

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Recognizing Anti-zionist Antisemitism

The International Legal Forum (ILF), is an Israel-based legal network of over 3,000 lawyers and activists in 30 different countries, committed to the fight against antisemitism, terror and the delegitimization of Israel in the international legal arena.

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CIJA Welcomes Toronto Mayor Statement on Antisemitism

June 2, 2021

Toronto, ON – Today, Toronto Mayor John Tory reiterated his commitment to confronting antisemitism. Following a meeting with leadership of Toronto’s Jewish community, Mayor Tory announced that the Toronto For All public education initiative this year will target antisemitism.

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Il y a maintenant 16 ans, je devenais juif.

Pendant le processus (rigoureux) de conversion, une des questions auxquelles un prosélyte potentiel doit répondre est : ne savez-vous pas que le peuple d’Israël est actuellement persécuté et opprimé, méprisé, harcelé et vaincu par des afflictions ?

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Jewish communities on edge amid ‘troubling rise’ of anti-Semitism in Canada

Sofia Kletinich and her mom arrived at a peaceful pro-Israel gathering in Montreal on May 16, wearing an Israeli flag.

The 21-year-old Montrealer, born in Jerusalem, initially spoke of singing and dancing at the rally. But any hope of a cheerful assemblage quickly gave way to fear and violence when, she said, men wearing Palestinian flags showed up and began throwing rocks at her and others adorned in Israeli flags.

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Trudeau expresses concern over anti-Semitic incidents in Montreal, elsewhere in Canada

The prime minister’s Tweet comes a day after Liberal MP Anthony Housefather described recent events in the city as “appalling.”

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Rex Murphy: Anti-Semitism's vile, unending hatred never ceases to smoulder

This past weekend was a weekend unlike any other as Jews across Canada experienced a deeply disturbing display of violence, antisemitism and hate. Such was the degree of hostility; it calls into question the safety of Canada’s Jewish community. Lamentably, one-sided, biased media coverage of events in the Middle East is helping fuel this toxic situation.

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Jewish groups decry mock 'eviction notice' sent to residents in Canadian cities

OTTAWA — Jewish advocacy groups are condemning a mock “eviction notice” dropped in mailboxes across Canada as part of a campaign to draw attention to the planned removal of Palestinians from a neighbourhood in East Jerusalem.

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My Solidarity Is Unconditional

I will always stand with you.

I will stand with you because the Jewish people have too often stood alone.  I will never forget what it means to be without allies and unprotected.  Antisemitism is an ancient and singular hatred that mutates across civilizations and generations.  Its only antidote is moral conscience, and its best defense is solidarity.

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En réaction à une caricature

La publication dans notre édition du mardi 25 mai 2021 d’une caricature de Godin montrant un soldat israélien personnifiant l’État d’Israël, le genou sur le cou d’un civil palestinien couché au sol, a provoqué une vague de mécontentement importante dont Le Devoir prend acte. L’image-choc, publiée un an après le décès de George Floyd, et utilisée pour illustrer l’iniquité dans les rapports de force, a heurté la communauté juive. Nous publions aujourd’hui quelques-unes des nombreuses réactions qui ont suivi la diffusion de la caricature.

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'I shouldn't be afraid to say that I'm Jewish': Man says he was threatened on family's front lawn, EPS investigating antisemitic incidents

Adam Zepp says he was leaving his parents’ home Sunday evening when someone inside a passing vehicle shouted at him, “Free Palestine.” He wouldn’t have thought much of it given the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, but then on the way out of the neighbourhood, the same people asked, “Do any Jews live here?… Where do the Jews live?”

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Editorial: Political expression is OK, hate and threats are not

Some local incidents have left many in the Montreal Jewish community understandably rattled, even if risk of physical attacks is deemed low.

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De l’antisémitisme importé à Montréal

Les Palestiniens sont en droit d’avoir leur propre pays, et les Juifs aussi. Ces deux peuples vivront en paix s’ils parviennent à se séparer. L’État palestinien doit naître, Israël doit demeurer. C’est seulement à travers cette reconnaissance mutuelle que cette région du monde peut espérer s’apaiser. 

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John Robson: What part of 'Death to Jews' do Israel's critics not understand?

Here we go again, in that dreary cycle where a barrage of Hamas rockets at Israeli civilians causes a barrage of media rhetoric against Israel. What part of “Death to Jews” do they not understand?

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