Monday, October 16, 2023 at 19:15

Dinner Program

The history of the National Holocaust Monument with Tim Uppal, MP

Join Member of Parliament, the Hon. Tim Uppal as he walks us through the history and story of the National Holocaust Monument, how it came to be, and the importance of its construction to Canada and all Canadians.

Facing Reality: Making a Difference and Being the Difference

What happens when we get off our phones and take on antisemitism? Have you experienced Jew-hatred, been marginalized, or felt you needed to hide your identity simply because you’re Jewish? Community advocates and activists will share their stories of how they didn’t just face antisemitism but fought it. From students to CEOs, the panel will share their experiences that led to their becoming activists in their own right.

  • Hannah B.
    Social Media Content Creator
  • Heidi Berger
    Founder and President, The Foundation for Genocide Education
  • Josie Coutain-Segall
    Student, University of Alberta
  • Mike Fegelman
    Executive Director, Honest Reporting Canada
  • Dr. Cary Kogan
    Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Ottawa
  • Dr. Ayelet Kuper
    Physician and Interdisciplinary Scholar
  • Lisa Levitan
    Recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Tim Uppal
    Member of Parliament, House of Commons