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Sample Letters to the Editor

Example 1:

I am deeply concerned, even horrified, to see the explosion in antisemitic incidents reported across Canada. During a peaceful rally in Montreal, pro-Israel demonstrators were pelted with rocks. There are multiple reports in Toronto, Edmonton, and Montreal of anti-Israel protestors entering predominantly Jewish neighbourhoods shouting at residents and yelling “Death to Israel!These incidents in Canada are part of an international groundswell of antisemitism. Now, they are even happening away from protests at schools and near homes. This is a disturbing new trend. Like all Canadians, Jewish Canadians cherish the rights to free expression and peaceful assembly. But, when actions cross over into hate speech, threats, and violence, they are unacceptable. The Jewish community remains strong, and resilient. We stand together against antisemitism. I unequivocally condemn violence and hate. Leadership of all communities must condemn antisemitism, demand calm from their members, and encourage public order.

Example 2:

There has been a shocking rise in antisemitism in Canada, in connection with the Israel Gaza conflict overseas. Peaceful pro-Israel protestors were pelted with rocks in Montreal. In Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal, protestors were entering Jewish neighbourhoods and shouting slogans like Death to Israelincidents that were later promoted on social media. Jewish families have been targeted with mock-eviction notices. Like most Canadians, I value the right to free expression and peaceful assembly, but these hateful actions cross the line. We cannot import the conflict to Canada. Jewish Canadians are resilient and united in our stand against antisemitism, but we must all stand with them. We must all loudly condemn hate. Antisemitism hurts not only Jews but all Canadians. We must condemn violence and denounce unequivocally any action that provokes or inflames the situation.

Example 3:

Imagine: someone drives up to your home and asks where the Jews live.Imagine: a stranger walking up to you and your daughter on the way to hospital and telling you “Jews should have been gassed and burned.In 2021. In Toronto. There is a toxic and horrifying rise in antisemitism right across Canada, right now. It’s connected to the Israel-Hamas conflict. While Israelis hold their loved ones in bomb shelters with missiles raining down, hate has come home to roost in Canada. Like all Canadians, I value the rights of free expression and peaceful protest. However, what we are now witnessing is a shockingly steep rise in antisemitism in hate speech, threats, and in violence. Jewish Canadians are resilient, and strong in our opposition to antisemitism and hatred. As Canadians, we must all of us stand shoulder to shoulder to offer a resounding condemnation of these violent and hateful actions.

Example 4:

What’s on your social media feed? A Wilfrid Laurier University student recently uploaded a video glorifying and inciting violence against Israelis while making stabbing motions with a knife. We know online hate results in real world violence, and, in connection with the Israel-Gaza conflict, there has been a spike in antisemitism both online and in the real world, right here in Canada. In Montreal, just a few days ago peaceful, pro-Israel demonstrators were pelted with rocks. Canada was built, to a significant degree, by people who fled violence or oppression from other parts of the world. We must keep this and all conflicts out of Canada. Jewish Canadians stand together, resilient, and united in the face of this antisemitism. But all Canadians have a responsibility to guard our peaceful society to protect one another against hate and violence. Regardless of who perpetuates it, we must stand up and condemn hatred.